Pityriasis is a non-inflammatory scalp condition which presents as exfoliation of the outer layer of the epidermal cells.

There are different forms of pityriasis simplex capitis (dandruff). If you have not been diagnosed by a doctor with a condition that causes pityriasis, it is recommended that you see a dermatologist. The severity of pityriasis may indicate an underlying skin issue.

Using coconut oil and tea tree oil as part of your regular hair routine can help treat this common scalp issue. Using "dandruff" shampoo once every week or two weeks is not potent enough of a treatment. On the other hand washing more often than twice or three times a week can also cause dryness and dandruff. The best solution is to find a great tea tree shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner and follow a natural hair routine. Stay clear from gels, hairsprays or products that contain any alcohol.

Dandruff can be persistent but with the right routine you will be dandruff free in a few washes.