​​Trichorrhexis Nodosa(Breakage/Shedding)

Hair breakage is caused by weak points in the hair shaft. If your hair:

  • Breaks easily

  • is knotty and fragile

  • has hair loss not caused by Alopecia

  • has sparse hair growth or hair loss pattern

  • you have short hair with many split ends


While Trichorrexis Nodosa may be an inherited condition it is complety treatable. Your current hair routine or lack of may be causing your hair breakage. If you have consistent breakage it may be a good idea to go see a doctor and test your thyroid hormone levels, build up of ammonia, and check for iron deficiency. Your doctor may recommend other test.  

The natural way of treating Trichorrexis Nodosa is to do your best at avoiding chemicals, heat, and other things like extended amounts of sun or chlorine exposure. It is also recommended that you trim as often as possible, every 4-6 weeks.