Deep Condition

Part hair in 4 sections using fingers. Beginning from ends and working towards the crown, apply generous amounts of deep conditioner. Combine 4 sections and leave in for 5-15 minutes. Apply heat; if you do not have a hooded dryer no worries, the natural heat from your scalp will help warm the product. Massage gently and rinse well.


Lather scalp with shampoo, part your hair to make sure you apply shampoo to crown and nape area. Work shampoo gently throughout scalp. Rinse well. Second Shampoo: Lather scalp with shampoo, lather ends with conditioner, work shampoo into scalp. Rinse well. Shampoo third time if you feel any build up on your scalp or hair. Do not apply shampoo to ends of hair.

Note: It is important to rinse shampoo (and other products) out of hair well. Shampoo causes build up and dryness which leads to dandruff and hair loss. In other words wash when you have enough time to invest, and stay away from stylist who rush through your wash.


Use a natural boar bristle brush to brush vigorously through your scalp. Brush natural sebum down to middle of hair shaft and then use fingertips to move sebum down to ends.

Brushing regularly is the only thing that will save you from that greasy hair look. Distribute natural oils and  work into your hair.

Wrap your hair for the night (or a few minutes) to warm oils evenly throughout your hair with your body's natural heat.

Brushing your SCALP will not cause unnecessary shedding, it will not only distribute oils throughout your hair but it will brush off dead skin cells and promote healthy blood circulation necessary for hair growth.

Note: Do not use your nails during your hair care routine, nails are the main cause of abrasions  which can lead  to bacteria which thrives in a warm, moist and dark place environment like your scalp.

Hair Care Routine‚Äč


Apply oils to scalp and gently massage. Work leave in conditioner from ends to middle hair shaft; do not apply leave in to scalp. Untangle hair using a paddle brush: beginning from ends part a section of your hair, hold section in the middle hair shaft to prevent too much tension. Work paddle brush through until hair is fully untangled. Be gentle! Style hair as usual, if using hot tools a  heat protector is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Wrap. Roller set. See your stylist.


Moisturize before your wash,  a few hours or preferably the night before. Oil your scalp with Itzany Infusions Coconut Oil. Massage gently into scalp. Coat hair shaft with moisturizer (deep conditioner of your choice) lightly coat hair with oils and  moisturizer. Leave in overnight or a few hours. This will not change your hair texture or wave pattern.


Apply conditioner to ends and middle hair shaft; do not apply to scalp. Run fingers through hair separating any knots. You do not need a comb, trust me on this one. Rinse all product from hair.