​Inversion Method

Today we are going to change the way you care for your hair by adding just one element into your hair care routine. The inversion method will help increase the amount of blood flow throughout your scalp. Inceasing blood flow stimulates hair growth by allowing your body to bring more nutrients to your hair follicles. Stimulating the scalp to increase blood flow will also generate natural heat, this warmth can be used to help distribute the sebum throughout your scalp and hair. Distributing sebum helps to seal the hair strand with your natural oils, this even distribution also helps to keep the hair from breaking.

 I'll explain this process in more detail:

Apply a natural oil if you have dry hair and scalp, if you have normal to greasy hair you can skip this step. 

Tilt your head down, have your chin tucked into your neck while looking down towards your feet.

Massage scalp  lightly with fingertips, use light pressure in circle motions.

Brush down from nape to forehead with natural or boar bristle brush.


Slowly turn head back up and tilt it back with your eyes looking up towards the ceiling.

Use the same technique in the opposite direction, massage and brush from forehead down to nape