Hair Care

Itzany inversion method

So you have decided to go natural. If even the thought of taking this dreaded path causes your stomach to turn, and makes you question the very reason for your existence then you have found the website for you. I, much like you began this journey with my own hair with just about the same enthusiasm. I know it sounds ridiculous for a hairdresser to dread the idea of going natural but the truth is I come from a family that has a long history with hair. Having your hair not only look the part but also be healthy is a struggle many of us face under different circumstances. Maybe you have to keep up with trends to be succcesful at your job, maybe you have triplets or are a mother of one who is the equivalent of triplets. Whatever your reason for not wanting to "take care" of your hair may be, trust me were all right there with you.  

Today we are going to change the way you care for your hair by adding just one element into your hair care routine. The inversion method will help increase the amount of blood flow throughout your scalp, by stimulating the scalp to increase blood flow it will also increase in heat, this warmth can be used to help distribute the sebum throughout your scalp. I'll explain this process in more detail:

Before proceeding to next step apply oil of your choice or Itzany Hair Infusions

Please stretch your neck muscles and warm up before beginning this process.


Tilt your head down, have your chin tucked into your neck while looking down towards your feet

(2) Massage scalp  lightly with fingertips only.

(3) Brush down from nape to forehead with natural or boar bristle brush.


Slowly turn head back up and tilt it back with your eyes looking up towards the ceiling and follow these steps


(1) Massage scalp gently with fingertips

(2) Brush from forehead down to nape with natural or boar bristle brush