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Hair Loss vs Hair Breakage

The best way to explain this is to say that hair breakage is hair loss, it is just happening at the ends and not at the roots. Hair loss caused by any form of alopecia will occur at the roots where the hair follicle is found. Hair breakage on the other hand is cause by damage and distress on the hair shaft. There are two forms of hair breakage. One is caused by chemicals and overheating of the hair shaft, this thinning of the hair shaft lining causes extreme weakness at which point the hair will split somewhere along the shaft, leaving a shorter version of itself. The other is caused by not trimming the ends frequently enough. I know this sounds ludicrous but not cutting your ends does cause your hair to appear like it is not "growing". We all get split ends even kids do! That is why trimming is always recommended at your salon visits. We don't like cutting your hair off either but the more often you trim the less often you cut. This is specially true for anyone with chemically treated hair.

Well Wishes On Your Hair Journey

Know Your Hair Type

Understanding your hair needs

Having a blend of different wave patterns, not knowing what products to use or using the wrong products can be damaging to your hair. Some of the most common issues people have with their hair are breakage, heat damage, dryness/frizziness, and hair loss. In order to cope with some of these problems it is good to understand the source. 

It is important to identify what the issue/s is/are in order to be successful on your hair natural hair journey.


Our hair is unique to each and every one of us, even though we see many similarities in others hair texture it is best to think of your hair as one. Thinking of how different your hair is can make picking out products a hassle. You will find yourself adapting to routines that do not match your hairs needs. The good news is that natural hair is healthy and easy to manage. The truth is most people do not need chemical straightening product to accomplish the look they desire. When you are giving your hair what it needs your hair will look thick, glossy and you will be able to enjoy any style from straight to curly.  

​Hair Care

Identify the issue

Know your type: All hair is different, some people have Curly, Wavy or Straight; this is your wave pattern. Hair texture, which is often confused with wave pattern, is the thickness of each individual strand. It is quite common to see different wave patterns and textures on one person. We also have dry, greasy hair and some of us have a blend of the two. The better you get to know your hair the better you will be at judging what products and practices are best for you.